Pasaules kultūras vēsture, 2. studiju posms


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8 lessons in e-learning environment
8 lesson teaching materials
5 presentations
2 audio presentations
8 illustrative materials
10 additional materials in English, Russian and Latvian
e-self-tests and answers
final test

The aim of the course is to help to acquire and supplement knowledge in the history of world culture and use it in personal development, mutual communication with others.

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What will you learn?

  1. Get acquainted with Medieval and Renaissance culture;
  2. Learn about 17th and 18th century culture;
  3. What is the Rococo style – the culture of the first half of the 18th century;
  4. What is Romanticism – the first half of the 19th century;
  5. What is Realism – the second half of the 19th century;
  6. Get acquainted with the culture of the 20th century.

Who is this course for?

  • for those interested in cultural history, especially Renaissance culture, 17th and 18th century culture, and 19th and 20th century culture;
  • those whose professional activities require knowledge of world cultural history;
  • for those who need this course for successful completion of studies, but it is not possible to do so in their educational institution.

About the course  “History of World Culture, 2nd stage of studies”

We are on a further journey through the world of culture. We have taken the first stage of the “journey”.

We now have a wealth of new creative pursuits and cultural achievements that will take us step by step closer to today.

Let’s look at, evaluate and get to know these riches – we will become more knowledgeable, brighter, more beautiful, more understanding in our spiritual world.

Our poet Rainis has said: “You show up and be guessed at work.” Therefore, forward, let’s start the new stage of work!

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Pasaules kultūras vēsture, 2. studiju posms

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